Opportunities, information and guidance on how to engage in sub-national, national, regional and global advocacy to end child marriage.

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Youth activism

Resources, tools and information for young activists, Girls Not Brides member organisations, civil society actors and donors to support and promote the meaningful inclusion of youth in the collective efforts of the Partnership to end child marriage.

COVID-19 and Child Marriage

Global estimates reveal that restrictions and lockdowns enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to approximately 13 million more child marriages by 2030. Visit our COVID-19 information hub to find out more about what it means for girls.

Sustainable Development Goals

All governments have committed to achieving the United Nations SDGs by 2030. However, global rates of child marriage are currently not on track, and unless significant action is taken now, 650 million more girls will be married by 2030. Use recommendations in our child marriage and SDG brief to strengthen your advocacy.

Advocacy resources

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COVID-19 and child marriage in West and Central Africa

A brief summarising the impact of COVID-19 on child marriage in West and Central Africa, and including recommendations and a call to action for girls' rights to be upheld.

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Abordar los matrimonios y las uniones infantiles, tempranas y forzadas es fundamental para lograr la igualdad de género

En este informe analizamos y documentamos cómo los seis temas de B+25 se vinculan con los MUITF.

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Girls Not Brides Beijing+25 Advocacy Brief

Beijing+25 offers important opportunities to engage the global community on the issue of child marriage.

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The role of parliamentarians in ending child marriage

This toolkit provides an overview of what child marriage is, and existing international legal instruments that prohibit the practice

Our tools

Child marriage atlas

Child marriage atlas

Use our atlas to find key information about child marriage in your country, to use in your advocacy.

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A village chief at a community dialogue on FGM/C, organised by the Coalition on Violence Against Women – COVAW – in Kenya

Each year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18, and 4.1 million girls are subjected to FGM/C

Current rates of progress to end child marriage by 2030 must be 12 times faster than current efforts, and 13 times faster to end FGM/C by 2030. Call on leaders of the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender Based Violence to take action!